The app you are using is developed, owned, and operated by Foundation Sports Systems, LLC (FSS), a Massachusetts corporation located at 759 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy, Cohasset, MA 02025.

Your use of the app is made possible through your tennis center or facility's subscription to the FoundationTennis software system.

We wish to make clear the we, as the developers and operators of the software, never share your personal data with anyone.  We never sell it, share it, loan it, track you, period.  We simply make it easier for you to connect with your tennis center.

There are a few permissions that the app needs, explained here:

  • Access to your calendar.  If you choose to allow the app to access you calendar, it is used only to write the reservation or enrollment entry in your device calendar.
  • Access to your phone.  There is a 'call' contact/staff function built into the app.  When you choose to call someone and have located their phone number via the app - the 'dial' option is presented.  This is considered 'access to your phone'.  We do not use this access for any other purpose.
  • Device ID and call information.  We need your device ID and network/call status to establish a connection to the server, which allows you to interact with the court reservations and events / enrollment functions.  This is considered 'access to your device ID and call information'.  We also use this information to help troubleshoot or debug any issues you may encounter (we need to know the OS and version in order to do so).  We do not use this information for any other purpose.
  • Photos / Media / File - read the content of your USB storage.  The app supports a function that allows you to take or upload a profile photo.  This is considered 'access to your files'.  We do not use this access for any other purpose.
  • Storage (reads the contents of your USB storage and may modify or delete files).  This is required to take new profile pictures and delete existing profile pictures that you choose to put in your profile.  This is considered 'access to read / delete" your files.  We do not use this access for any other purpose.
  • Access to your network.  This means you allow the app to access your internet or data connection.  It does not mean access to your 'network' of friends or contacts - which we neither need nor use.

When you register on the web site, we do offer you the choice to opt-in to complementary services, and we give you the choice to learn more about - the official charity of Foundation Sports Systems (helping kids get healthy through sports activity).  When you choose to follow those links we do not share or pass any information about you.  We simply provide the link.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email, or call our toll-free number 800-913-4551 and ask for me.


Charlie Ruddy

Founder and CEO

Foundation Sports Systems


The app is provided to you through your tennis center or tennis facility.  Your tennis center uses this data to manage their tennis courts and relationship with your reservation activity. 

Your reservations are always visible to you and the staff at your tennis center.  You and the tennis center staff may modify / delete your reservation in accordance with the court reservation deletion policy.  

You may not delete or edit another players' reservation records.

You may or may not be able to see other players' names on the court sheets.  This is a setting managed by your tennis center.

Many tennis centers have found it helpful to display the names of players on the court sheets to other registered players.  Many players also find it helpful to know who they are following onto the courts, who is playing next, and perhaps who is playing on the adjacent courts.

Here are two examples of the visibility settings:

Show Player names on reservations 'ON':

Show Player reservations as BOOKED: