This is important to fight spammers and phishing/spoofing (email identity forgery).

  • Your email address is made up of a prefix and a suffix.  The part before the @sign is the prefix or email box.  The part after the @ sign is the suffix or domain holder.

  • The suffix (domain holder) is the 'owner' and controls which external servers can originate email from your email address.  

  • Email Service Providers (ESP's):  If you have a free personal email from and ESP such as Google, or Hotmail, or AOL, or even Comcast, RoadRunner, SBC Global, or Verizon, etc. - they control which external servers can send email on your behalf - and they don't allow it.  Not on their free personal email plans.

  • Limits on free email plans:  All 'free' email plans have limits.  Usually 50-200 outbound emails per day.  The logic from the ESP's is that if you are sending more than 50-200 emails, you probably have a virus, and your IP address should be blocked (Blacklisted).

  • In order to have your business group email delivered, it must come from a domain that you own or control.  Or one that we own or control.  The important thing to know is that ESP's do not allow you to set up a policy record that allows unlimited outbound group email. 

Using a business email account has always been beneficial (branding, trusted source, etc), but now it is required for organizations using commercial email due to a new standard called DMARC (for details, see

Since you are using Foundation Tennis, you already have a domain that you control.  If you do not have email boxes @ that domain, we can help you.

Email plans cost money no matter who you buy them from.  Pricing ranges from $5/month/mailbox from Google, to $9.95/month/mailbox for Microsoft.  Foundation Tennis offers hosted Smartermail for $2/month/mailbox.  

The Foundation Tennis system and Security Package ensure your business email is verified technically, helping with delivery to the inbox and preventing spammers and identity forgery.

Please call us at 800-913-4551 to address any questions or place your order of the Foundation Tennis Security Package