Business email addresses end in @yourdomain.  Email boxes are accounts within your domain, like, or

Using a business email account has always been beneficial (branding, trusted source, etc), but now it is required for organizations using commercial email (new standard

The Foundation Tennis system and Security Package ensure your business email is verified technically, helping with delivery to the inbox and preventing spammers and identity forgery.

If you already have a business email address we create the required technical records and run a verification process for you.

If you do not have a business email address, we can help you get one.  Our cost of procuring business email accounts is $24/mailbox per year, or $70/year for a five-pack of addresses @ yourdomain.  Please check here for current pricing and plan options

You can get business email addresses from other suppliers as well, such as:

  • Google $5/month per email box
  • Microsoft Office 365 - usually around $9.95/month and also includes Microsoft Office
  • Your web site registrar

Please call us at 800-913-4551 to address any questions or place your order of the Foundation Tennis Security Package