This article applies to you if

  • You manage NameServer or DNS records
  • You manage MX / DNS / SPF records
  • If you are transferring your NameServers to us
  • In the event you want to set up a subdomain for staging / development / training

If you do not currently manage these settings, please contact the person in your organization who does, or call 617.431.6777 for further assistance.

Quick overview / Layman's terms:  

The Foundation Tennis system uses two domains.  

1)  Your tennis staff will access the database and all administrative functions at  There is nothing you need to do for your account at  We handle that for you.

2)  Your players/members will access a site that your company has determined, which may be a subdomain like ( or a tennis specific domain, like (

No matter which type of address you have chosen for your players, we simply need you to make a few entries for your member/player web site.  For example: [...myclubdomain].com and WWW.[]

If you are going to be using a new domain name that we registered for you - you can stop here.  We will administer the domain for you.

Layman's terms: Pointing.  You can think of your domain manager / registrar as the manager who tells the Internet where to go find your web site host. We need your domain registrar to 'point' the web site address to us - than we will take over and 'resolve' that address to your web site files.

 And if applicable, your email boxes (@ your web site name), etc.  

If we are becoming your primary host, the only change that needs to be made is to pont the NameServer record itself to us.


In the most common and simplest way, simply point your NameServer record to us.

Our NameServers are:



Note that if you have email addresses@ your domain name, we will need a copy (txt) of the current zone files (MX, etc).  Absent of pre-existing emails - we can take it from here.

If your domain is registered with, please follow these instructions

If your domain is registered with, please follow these instructions

If your domain is registered with, please follow these instructions

If your domain is registered with, please follow these instructions

For all others, if your Registrar is not listed here, please Google: "how to set custom name servers using xyz" where XYZ is the name of your domain name registrar.


If we are only going to handle 'some' of your domain work, then you will likely have an IT person who understands this thoroughly.  Please pass this article to them.

For your player/member site: we need both an A record pointing to and a CNAME for the alias www.  Our application software requires the WWW, so please complete both records.

If you are going to use our mail system, and manage your own NameServers, we will provide further instructions over the phone.

Subdomain (for staging / development / training etc.)

If you need to set up a  subdomain (another instance of Foundation Tennis) - the instruction are the same as above, except for the subdomain 'staging' or 'dev'.  We need an A record for STAGING. pointing to and a CNAME record for the WWW.STAGING. point to


Please skip this section unless you are managing your own DNS records and managing email accounts @ yourdomain name.

The Foundation system sends transaction confirmation email to your members/players from your tennis department.  We comply to your security policy, so we need an SPF record authorizing and to originate domain mail from our servers.  Internal controls prevent your domain mail from being used for any other purpose than supporting your Foundation software users.

Example of a properly configured SPF and a DMARC record (yours may vary based on your other authorized service providers):

If your company does not use SPF records, please disregard this requirement.

If it is not possible to meet this requirement due to city/county/club policy, the Foundation Software users will need to use accounts at 

another domain validated business email account.  We have account plans for mailboxes - which is also a popular choice.

Please work with your account manager to secure the email addresses f our choice (per availability).