Once you have been notified that your update from TennisConnect to Foundation Tennis is complete, please discontinue using TennisConnect and start enjoying the new Foundation!

A few pointers:

Your 'consumer site' is unchanged (unless you also ordered design work) - except for the presence of the secure certificate.  Your members/customers will still go to your web site (the same site as before) where they can login with their existing usernames and passwords, and perform the same functions as before.  

Your administrative access, where you and your staff login in, is now https://www.admin.foundationtennis.com.  You can get there:

When you log in to the Foundation, please go exploring:

  • The Dashboards are accessed from the 'parent level' of the Horizontal navigation bar
  • All of the 'old' menus are listed in Basic Settings - we kept that menu exactly the same
  • The new editor supports classic mode and inline editing.  Inline editing options are limited until your web site is upgraded to the modern Bootstrap version

Note about the secure lock.:

  • You may see a 'mixed content' warning or exclamation point symbol in the security field on some pages on your consumer site.  This is caused by non-https links in your web page content
  • This is nothing to worry about
  • You can remedy these messages by updating your web page content and changing the image and document paths to include the S in httpS
  • We updated your home page for you when we ran the conversion to Foundation Tennis.  The home page, and any system generated page that comes from the Foundation (such as the Calendar, Court Sheet, Contact us, etc.) are automatically displayed with the full secure lock.

Please make sure you are registered on this support system, as this will give you access to the knowledgebase and to create and track support requests.