The Contact Manager is your member/player database.  It has been designed to support all of the functions required for variations in:

  • member administration
  • family record keeping
    • attached household members (synchronizes expiration dates - if applicable)
    • AAU and USTA number and expiration dates for children records
  • advance court reservation permissions
  • pricing
  • organizing matches and play, USTA number and expiration date
  • grouping for invitations and outbound email campaigns
  • security and the member experience on your web site and app

Key concepts:   Organizing into groups or subsets

Member Types control

  • security
  • pricing
  • advance court reservation permissions
  • logged in landing page

NOTE: A player/member only has one member type.  If you are thinking of using Member type for anything other than the bullets listed above, please see biographical/demographical data and Distribution lists.

We rarely see more than 4-5 Member Types.  Typically resident/non-resident of a city or county, regular or seasonal member, or maybe level of membership that determine pricing: seniors, gold members, standard members, or 'guests' as a member type.

Several Foundation Tennis implementations will also have 'Team Captains' as a Member Type to allow team captains to book more courts in advance for scheduling team practice.

Biographical/demographic data is used for filtering invitations and Group Email selection including (but not limited to):

  • NTRP rating (range)
  • UTR (range)
  • gender
  • age (range)
  • play preferences (singles, doubles, mixed)
  • play availability (generally: weekday mornings, evenings, weekends etc)

Login Data is where a member/player username is found and where you can reset passwords, update Member Type, expiration dates (if used), and connect family or household members.

Distribution Lists provide a 'catch-all' technique for grouping members./player who cannot otherwise be grouped.  A 'good use' of distribution lists would include:

  • flagging 'parents of juniors' - a highly useful categorization for marketing that is not otherwise available by looking at age, gender or Member Type.
  • flagging residents of a specific sub division or school district that would be useful in Group Email marketing
  • Other common uses include volunteers, 10U on court volunteers, interested in cardio tennis, interested in [any categorization here]

NOTE:  Distribution Lists are known to players as Groups.  

We encourage you not to use gender or age as a distribution list since that attribute can be found in the contant record.  Distribution lists are static (manually updated), so it can become tedious to rely on a distribution as the basis for selecting 'all' meeting criteria that can be found elsewhere.  

For example: If you have a distribution list for 'NTRP 3.5' you create and manage that list.  When another 'NTRP 3.5' joins the database, they are not automatically in that list until you put them there, where if their NTRP was updated in the Contact manager Tennis Profiel - it would automatically be useful to outbound email campaigns, invitations, and Circles (PlayTennisConnect app).

For tips keeping your contact records up to date, please click here or search for 'update contacts'.


The Family record tab is used to list children (who do not have a login).  Family records are then available during event enrollment to select a participant from a drop down list, eliminating the need to type the participant name, and to provide visibility for the adult household members(s) to view their children's activity schedule.

Children records can also contine the AAU and USTA number and expiration date needed by coaches and require for competition

Family data is not used as the basis for any Group Email.  Foundation Tennis cannot be used to send email to children.

Activity is available to staff/administration and to allow players to view their information

The Activity tab in the Contact Manager shows all: 

  • Email correspondence through Group Email
  • Court Reservations
  • Email correspondence through outbound Group Email
  • Enrollments including by family participant
  • String tickets showing stringing history by racquet
  • Logins including by IP address and login source (browser or app)
  • Payments including to the ability to pay any open invoices or make a payment on account

Activity Summary

Provides a one screen summary of email correspondence (outbound), court reservations (including lessons), event enrollments, and payment history.