Version 3.4 Highlights:

PlayTennisConnect app included in every subscription plan

    customizable app menus and functions (offer just what you want)

TennisCollect - online payments / point of sale included in every subscription plan

    Square integration with credit card on file and point of sale

Contact Manager

    new download and import/update features

    streamlined user interface

    player/member access to all their activity / correspondence / participation history

    inbound inquiry tracking

    direct linking to specific contact types

    member profile update link (profile update macro in outbound group email)

    visual insights to understand member demographics

Content Editor

    copy and paste images (no longer need to upload)

    new file browser / upload manager

        drag and drop uploading

        upload multiple files/images at once    

        drag and drop folder/sub-folder reorganization

    new inline editor gives you exactly what you see is what you get (on page editing)

    file attachments anywhere (pages, group emails, enrollment confirmations, etc.)

    new mobile friendly/responsive templates

Court Scheduler

    mass court blocker updates

    support for Pickleball

    push notifications for app users

    add/invite additional players for app users

    one-tap "I'm In" for play invitations for app users

    calendar integration (iPhone/Android) for app users

    visual insights to understand court utilization over time and by category

Event Planner (formerly eCalendar)

    event enrollment for app users (*limited release in July 2018)    

    simplified event clone/save features

    enrollment opening and closing dates/times

    mini-calendar widget filters by Type, Category - click through or inquiry only

    event category thumbnails for app users

    visual insights to understand event planning mix by type over time


Group Email

    mail delivery reporting, opens/click-throughs

    automatic bounce management

    automatic opt-out 

    complete DMARC compliance for delivery authentication

    new templates and industry templates to support industry initiatives

    file attachments in group email

    visual insights / trend reporting

Domain mail options

new hosted email options (you @ your domain)

        webmail - access from any browser

        pop - access from any phone or computer email client

        imap - automatically synchronize folders across all your devices

Email address rental.  If you cannot get an email account at your domain name due to club or city/county government policy, we can set you up with a business email account at one of our rental domains:, or

Web site (your web site)

    new mobile friendly (bootstrap) options

        choose from thousands of CSS theme starting points

    control over your (organization's) privacy policy

    simplified Foundation Sports privacy policy

    design services

    content maintenance and webmaster management services

        domain management

        secure certificate administration

    social media startup and management services

    hundreds of licensed tennis themed images for design projects