In order for us to purchase and install your Secure Certificate, the Certificate Authority needs to validate that you own your domain. 

Verification can come via several methods.  This article discussed the Domain Validation by Email method.

You assigned an Administrative Contact when you purchased/registered your domain name.  That information is public, and can be used for domain ownership validation. 

If you have been told we're using this method, p[lease check your email.

1)  You will receive an email from our Certificate Authority (you might need to check your bulk mail delivery folder).

2)  Please follow the instructions provided in that email, then

3)  After you complete the verification, you will receive an email with your SSL attached.  Please Forward that email to

Figure 1 - Follow the instructions in this email:

Figure 2 - follow the instructions on this page:

Figure 3 - Success! - You will receive and email with your secure certificate attached.  Please FWD that email and email attachment to