If you are hearing that a customer(s) is not receiving your outbound Group Email, there could be several causes.  A contact record must be Active, not designated as a Child, not unsubscribed, not bounced, and must have been included in the outbound email campaign.

Here are some tips to help you correct the most common errors:

View your email delivery report at Email History >> Reporting.  Here you will be able to verify that the system is sending email (if any person receives and opens an email, then it is a pretty safe bet that Foundation Tennis sent it).

It is possible that the player in question was not selected to receive the email campaign that you are checking.  Verify that they should have received the email: (Email History >> Reporting >> Sent Emails):

Note the new finder/search box.  You can search on any part of the player name or email address.

If the players is not in the campaign you believed they were in, please send them another email.

If the player is in the campaign that you believed they were in, please verify the next three steps:

I  Make sure

  1. The email address is correct in your contact manager (Contact Manager >> Players/Members >> Filter by....) to look up the person.
  2. Make sure they are Active (inactive contacts do not receive Group Email)
  3. Make sure they are not listed as a Child (we do not send email to Children)

II  Check 

  1. that the email address is not a bounced address (we do not send email to previously bounced addresses).  Bounced addresses will show up here:  Click the underlined link to update any bad email addresses.

  2. and that this player has not unsubscribed from your mailing list:  Unsubscribed players will be flagged as:

    Note: to 're-subscribe' a player, you or they can log into their profile and update the 'preferences' tab.  Check the box to re-subscribe:

III Double check the players email history (Correspondence) to see the last email that was sent to them.  In this case, my last email was also opened:

The steps listed above will correct most case of reported email issues.  In the event the system is sending email, and the player is still not receiving email, please ask your customer to:

Check their bulk mail folder.  Your customer may need to log into the web mail function for their email account to complete this step (their mailbox settings may not be downloading bulk email to their device).

Whitelist your email address  Instructions vary, Google is a good resource to 'whitelist an email address in ABCD email" where ABCD is the customers email provider.  For example:

Contact support.  Complete a support ticket here: