DMARC is a standard that verifies the identity of your FROM email address.  Most mail servers today reject email from addresses that cannot be verified (or "authenticated" - which is the Internet's word for "verified").  For more information, Google "what is dmarc?".

Popular free email services such as AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo etc... cannot be verified, which means you cannot use them in the from email address to send Group email using your personal free email account.  Your players can receive email at their free email address (AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) - you just cannot send email from one of those services.

FoundationTennis complies with this standard, which requires you to use a DMARC compliant email address in the from address of any outbound group emails.  You can still send to any address (your customers using aol, gmail, etc), but you cannot use your personal free email account to originate group email.

Note:  This restriction is not unique to FoundationTennis or the TennisComunicator.  This topic is originated by the fight against spam, identity forgery, and fake news.

How to get a business email account that is dmarc compliant.

"Business" email accounts are accounts that end in a domain you own (or we own), and can be verified for DMARC compliance.  If you do not have an email address @yourdomain name - we can help you set it up.

If for some reason you cannot have an email address @yourdmain name (such as in the case of certain cities and county governments), we can set you up with a DMARC compliant email address @ a domain name we own.  You can choose from your name @, or @

Please contact our sales department at 800-913-4551 XT 1.