Seamless Integration.  TennisCollect is an add-in to FoundationTennis that allows you to trigger a checkout process.  You establish ‘forms of payment’ for individual items such as memberships, payment forms, event enrollments, court time/court reservations, and miscellaneous charges.

Your business, your money.  TennisCollect never handles or holds your money.  The software simply calculates pricing (which can vary for different member types) and makes a secure connection to your payment processor.  Your payment processor authorizes credit card charges and manages the transfer of funds to your bank account.  TennisCollect initiates the secure ‘call’ to your processor and retrieves the payment transaction verification and reference numbers for your files.

TennisCollect also handles the presentation of the payment form on your web site, error handling conditions, and ‘marking’ transactions as paid in FoundationTennis.

Your payment processor validates the credit cards and moves the money around.  Your payment processor also sets your per transaction fees and any other charges.  TennisCollect ‘just’ calculates the amounts, processes the transaction: sends it, records it, and stores the transaction reference information (and in the related event record, contact record, etc.).

The benefit to using TennisCollect is the integration between the payment transaction and the payment item.  For example: your enrollment roster shows the ‘paid’ status when a customer/member signs up for a clinic or camp.  You can see and download all of your ‘sales’ transactions from within Foundation Tennis, and your customer/member can see their payment history and receipts for the items they have processed through your web site using TennisCollect.  Everything is one place and there is no need to reconcile the enrollments in Foundation Tennis with the payments in a system like PayPal (to make sure everyone who enrolled also completed the payment process).

Other benefits to using TennisCollect:

  • Foundation Sports never holds your money
  • We do not charge any fees, transaction or otherwise
  • You have complete choice over the selection of your payment processor