Square is among the best of a new class of online payment services, who (we believe) have

  • simplified the process of accepting credit cards and opening an account
  • streamlined the payment and checkout process for your customers
  • eliminated confusing transaction pricing.  Simple pay as you go with a flat blended rate
  • eliminated the need for quarterly PCI compliance scanning (from you, we still scan our network for PCI Compliance quarterly)

Foundation Sports has updated TennisCollect to support Square. If you already have a Square account and are familiar with the transaction flow, please follow the setup guide attached to this article (download here) .

For personalized help, Foundation Tennis professional services are available to do this with you.  Please call 800.913.4551 and ask for Sales (ext 1) to arrange an appointment.

Remember to open your Square account using this link:  squareup.com/i/TENNISAPP1 to claim your free processing from Square (on the first $1,000 of credit card charges processed).