The FoundationTennis Basic Settings menu is organized by module.  'The Foundation Basics' stores settings that are common across modules or do not fit neatly into just one specific module.

Every customer needs to be familiar with their Basics - which were set up for you or with you when your service was established.

A 10-step wizard will guide you through the basics:

  1. Physical address - Step 1
    This is used to set our dynamic map location.  You must have a physical address, If you do not have a facility, use the location of your most common teaching site.  We do not have to show your map on your web site (we can mask it out if you have multiple locations and will be setting up your own locations page).

  2. Contacts and Admin login - Step 2
    This is your 'super administrator'.  We discourage you from having multiple people on your staff use this username/password for security reasons (see more in step #5 - Setting up staff and employees).  This is also the person with ultimate authority over your account configuration and approval of any costs incurred.

  3. Billing - Step 3
    This is the billing contact address for Foundation Sports regarding your subscriptiption.

  4. Amenities - Step 4
    Enter basic information about the number of courts and yes/no flags that determine the rest of your set up.  Note that the count of "Indoor Courts" should also be reflected in the sum of "Lighted Courts".  So if you have 8 outdoor lighted courts and 3 indoor courts - you should have 11 in the lighted courts field.

  5. Add/Update Staff - Step 5
    This is where you add staff so that each person on your team with access to has their own username/password, with the appropriate security privileges.  More detail here.

  6. Email Mapping - Step 6
    The FoundationTennis software sends you transaction confirmation messages automatically, such as when someone reserves a cout or makes a payment.  The system also routes email inquiries from your web site based on the type of inquiry made by a consumer / player.  Please also see this article for more information about allowable DMARC email addresses

    Email mapping allows you to direct which email address inside your organization receive those emails.  More detail here.

  7. Market Radius settings - Step 7
    FoundationTennis allows you to see (and share) what other Foundation Tennis customers in your community have going on in their calendar of events.  The Radius settings determine which other Foundation Tennis customers can see those events based on geographical radius (administrative only, we never show display other clubs' program to your members).

    Your settings determine 'how far out' geographically you display your information to other FoundationTennis administrators.

    This feature was implemented by request for from customers in areas that have a concentrated density of FoundationTennis Providers.  It help provide visibility into interclub scheduling and helps broadcast the availability of tournament play to the other FoundationTennis providers in you community.

    If you are a private club or do not wish to broadcast your events to other tennis Providers using FoundationTennis, set your Radius to zero.

  8. Registration settings Step 8
    Control what happens when a new players register and log in to your web site.  This is where your managerial approval rules are set, and control where members 'land' upon logging in to your web site (which is also based on their status and expiration date is you are using Member Administration)..

    Registration settings also control the overall privacy of any community system in which you choose to participate (, etc)  More detail here

  9. Facility hours of operation - Step 9
    Settings here control your default court hours (earliest opening, latest closing).  You will see in step 10 that you can control the hours of each court on each day of the week.  Step 9 sets the earliest time that you open, and the last reservable half hour that your courts are open for play.

    For example, if you are open from:

        7AM to 9PM Monday-Friday,
        8AM to 9PM on Saturday
        8AM 10 6PM on Sunday

    Then, set your Hours for
        Weekdays 7AM to 8:30 PM (last reservable or playable 30 slot will be at 8:30, closing at 9PM
        Weekends 8AM to 8:30PM (you will adjust Sunday in step 10 to close this court at 5:30PM - the last reservable/playable slot)

  10. Courts, surfaces, lighting, hours
    This is where set the hours and order of each individual court.
    For more detail please follow these links:
        Setting court start and stop times by day of the week
        Setting 'Designated Start Times" that force play to start at certain times and durations
        Set the TennisCollect pricing rule that determines pricing and credit card payment
        Setting reservation type color coding on your court sheets
        Re-ordering the sequence of your courts so they appear in a specific order
        Deactivating seasonal courts in the "off" months