Keeping your contact manager database up to date and accurate will benefit your business and enhance your use of the Foundation.

We include several utilities to make this process as easy as possible.

  1. you can update any fields, including making a contact a part of any distribution list(s) 
  2. you can update gender and NTRP from within the Contact Manager Dashboard analytics 
  3. you can update a Distribution List or Member Type list from within the list page 
  4. you can download your contacts to Microsoft Excel, and re-upload them in 'import/update' mode that will not create duplicate records
  5. members/players can update any portion of their record, except distribution lists that you mark as 'not available' to players.
  6. members/players can update their profile directly from an outbound email containing the Update Profile link
  7. Household / Family records
    1. Attaching Family Members is function designed to synchronize the expiration dates of attached family members - where each family member is an adult with their own login to your web site
    2. Children records do not have logins and are provided to streamline the enrollment process.

      Please consult with your implementation manager for the specifics implemented for your club.  

  • #1 and #2 are useful for editing single records, or for a quick update on a series of records
  • #3 is useful when you want to maintain the list itself instead of the individual members that may belong to this or other lists. 
  • #4 requires a medium level of understanding of MS Excel.  
  • #5 & #6 require your players input.  This has pros and cons.  
  • #7 requires an understanding of attached household members (has login rights) versus children (no login, used to streamline enrollments)

NOTE:  There is also a 'Quick Uploads' function under the Group Email menu.  This is not intended to be used for administering your contact manager database.  The intended use of 'Quick Uploads' is to quickly upload a list of first name, last name and email address in order to send a group email.  Quick Uploads are appropriate for periodic marketing blasts to players not in your contact manager database.  This process does create contact records, and will create duplicate records if the contact already exists in your database.  After your email blast, or after a few days (so you can review the email reporting / open rate, click throughs etc) - you should delete these contacts to keep your database clean. 

Please consult with us to determine the best method or combination of options to use based on your situation.