New with Version 3.5 

Clarification 4/8/2019

Your members can automatically request a password reset at any time.  The link is on the login screen directly beneath the username/password: (Forgot username/password?).  The system will send a link to the user's email address.  Clicking on the link allows the user to reset their password and login.

On the Admin side....

We changed the password reset for admin's to email their members - slightly - we no longer send the 'old' password.  Rather, we send a link that allows a user to reset their password.

The balance of this article outlines options for users who are not familiar with using a password reset link.

If you have a player asking for password help, you may want to do it for them.  You cannot look up passwords (for privacy), but you can reset them.

You can do this by editing their contact record:

Click on their name, or choose edit from the tool button in the far right hand column)

And select the Login Tab:

Type and retype the new password for your member.  NOTE:  we suggest that you assign a temporary password, rather than ask a customer what they want their password to be.  When we do this for our own customers at Foundation Tennis, we choose the 'temporary' password, usually something simple, and encourage our customer to change the password to something more private when they login.  We have found this eliminates any privacy concerns.