Troubleshooting: reports of may customers not receiving email from the system.

In the event many of your customers are not receiving email, or you notice that there are very few "open's" in your Group Email Activity reporting, please review the following:

Confirm the report with a test email:

Send a test email to a distribution list that includes your email address (plus your other personal emails addresses - so you can test / verify with your accounts).  

If you received the email(s), please see 

More: Please make sure your email does not contain any 'spammy' content.  You can Google 'spammy email content' for suggestions.  At a minimum we suggest:

  1. Your 'from' email address should be identifiable and relevant such as or
    (note: the use of your free personal email address in the 'from' field will all but ensure a spam trigger, which is the reason it is not allowed in Foundation tennis)

  2. Do not use all caps in your subject line, and avoid spam trigger words (Free, Trial, Act now - check Google for more)

  3. Rotate your subject line.  If you have a monthly newsletter, include the name of the month and year in the subject line to distinguish this email from previous emails

  4. Do not use consecutive exclamation marks

  5. Do not upload purchased lists.  They are full of spam traps and there are many other ways to grow your tennis business in your community.

Your email delivery is the sum of a combination of factors.  Stcik to the basics above and you'll be fine.  

If you did not receive your test email(s)

Please open a support ticket including the test email subject line and date/time that it was sent.  That will help us troubleshoot your request.