As some of you may know, recently there have been email delivery issues to AOL and Yahoo mailboxes. After investigating this issue, the problems are stemming from a processing change in relation to Verizon, Yahoo & AOL email accounts (Verizon owns Yahoo & AOL). Emails to these addresses are getting flagged as ‘unusual traffic’ - resulting in ‘deferred sending’. This is a situation that is beyond is control our direct control, however Verizon has provided instructions to follow.

If you are experiencing delivery issues, Verizon has provided instructions for you to verify your ‘from’ email address here (following these instructions will take care of both Yahoo and AOL simultaneously).

Yahoo Feedback Loop Application

Yahoo help overview

Note: Yahoo advises that there will be 30 day ‘warm up’ period while they continue to monitor their user acceptance.  During this period, they may defer delivery of some or all of your outbound emails to their customers.

If you would like our Professional Services team to complete this task for you, please contact Peter Hall