Three options for high delivery outbound group email


We all want our customers to recognize email coming from us as email coming from us – where the from address is immediately recognizable.  So, our first choice is always to use your own business email account.

If you are not able to do that however due to company or city park and rec regulations, then you’ll need another highly reliable outbound email address for your group email campaigns.


  1. Send from a mail’ subdomain at your domain name.  If your domain name is, you would use something like or There’s an extra .mail. in the address, but it is still highly recognizable and completely under you (or our) control.

  2. Use a shared quality mail domain that we manage such as where we assign you the ___ (  We have other high quality domains, like or All three are good choices. One may stick out as more or most appropriate for your business.

    In both cases 1 and 2 above, we set up a forwarding rule so that replies from your customers goes to the email system and email box you already use.

    The costs and effort in both cases 1 and 2 are pretty minimal. Option 1 will cost a secure certificate to cover the mail account ($155/year) plus $4/month per mailbox. Option 2 does not need a secure certificate, because we have that covered- but will still cost you $4/month per mailbox

  3. Move to a better mail system.  There are some old email products in the market, and some new challengers such as Amazon Web Services WorkMail and Google G-Suite, as well as Office 365 from Microsoft.  AWS will cost you $4/month per user and includes 30GB of storage for all your mail folders.  G-Suite will cost $6/month per user (not sure of the amount of included storage – but it is a lot).  There are a lot of Microsoft partners selling Office 365, ranging in price from $2.95/month per user to $12.95/month per user.

     Option 3 can be expensive and tedious.  If you use your mail system for file storage, and you synchronize it across your phone, laptop and office computer – you could see migration fees of $100 per user per device to backfill that synchronization (all your history, create and duplicate all your folders).

Please call your account manager or open a support ticket if you would like to explore other mail service providers for your organization.